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About Isogai

What is Isogai?

Isogai®-Dynamic-Therapy" is a body therapy originating from Japan, which was developed in the middle of the last century by Dr. Kimiyoshi Isogai.
The basic assumption of "Isogai®-Dynamic-Therapy" was the idea of balanced body statics. The prerequisite for balanced body statics is a balanced foundation. The foundation of our spine is the pelvis, on which the spine rests.
If the pelvis is balanced and relaxed, the spine stands on this foundation in its natural curvature. The vertebrae are optimally positioned one above the other and the intervertebral discs are not loaded one-sidedly. The probability of intervertebral disc problems and back pain is reduced to a minimum. Due to a balanced statics of the spine, the relaxed upper body can also find an optimal position and the risk of one-sided overload with the consequence of tension and injuries is lower...


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Isogai® Workshops

The Isogai Method

preventive and strengthening


Stress? Burnout?
Back pain? Migraine? ...

Are you physically fit and active and
want to develop your full potential? ...

Learn the Isogai self-treatment method

in the workshop and apply them at home.

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Isogai® training

Isogai® method

therapeutic and professional


Trainings to become a
certified Isogai® therapist,
for doctors and alternative practitioners.

and to the

certified Isogai® Practitioner
for educators, coaches,
physiotherapists and interested lay people.

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Current dates

Isogai Group

every first Monday of the month in Munich

Isogai® Workshops

The ideal introduction to
Isogai to get to know
and deepen.

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Workshop dates

Saturday, Jan. 27
Saturday, April 27
Saturday, July 6
Saturday, November 30
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Sunday, March 10
Saturday, April 20
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Training with

Isogai® certificate

For doctors, therapists
and interested laymen

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1st module: May 3 to 5.
2nd module: June 7 to 9.
3rd module: July 5 to 7.

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Isogai® training seminars

Cranio courses
for doctors, therapists
and interested laypeople
5. - April 7 Cranio I
May 24 - 26 Cranio II
June 15 - 16 Cranio III

Postgraduate course
for certified
Isogai Therapist/Practitioner

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