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Goals and tasks

Information about the Isogai® Academy


The Isogai® Academy


The Isogai® Academy pursues the following goals and tasks:

The academy

  • promotes, protects and spreads the Isogai® method.
  • offers seminars for the education and training of certified Isogai® therapists and certified Isogai® practitioners.
  • organizes courses for the Isogai® self-treatment method.
  • maintains a public directory of certified Isogai® therapists and certified Isogai® practitioners.


Any natural person can become a member of the Isogai® Academy.

Either as

  • Certified Isogai® therapist (physicians and alternative practitioners),
  • certified Isogai® Practitioner or as a
  • Supporting member.

Therapists and practitioners have successfully completed the training seminars on the Isogai® Method and regularly participate in the Academy's ongoing training seminars.
Details, especially the use of the Isogai® brand and the Isogai® logo, are regulated in our cooperation agreement.

Supporting members receive discounts for the Isogai® workshops. If you are interested, please send us an email.

Information about our training program can be found here:


Training with certificate click here.

Membership fee for Certified Isogai® Therapists and Certified Isogai® Practitioners

120 €/year

Membership may be terminated with three months' notice to the end of the year.

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