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Independent physiotherapist


In the course of my more than 30 years of work as a physiotherapist, I have encountered many people who could not permanently find a way out of their symptoms, even though they worked on them with effective exercises. I had the impression that there were pulling forces in their body that kept pulling them out of their center. I also noticed with myself that I could not really improve my symptoms with exercises. Again and again I was pulled back into my bad posture.

When I encountered Isogai on the Internet, I found the idea behind it very plausible and had the feeling that Isogai could be a method that really brings about a change. On the other hand, I was also very skeptical, the means applied seemed a bit extreme to me. It seemed to me as if the body should be forced into a position in which it would not go of its own accord. In the end, my curiosity prevailed.

I first tried Isogai for myself after attending a self-treatment workshop with Sandra Sämmer. Yes, it is an extreme impulse to put on the body, but apparently it actually helps my body to gradually find its way out of its twisting.

Isogai gives my body a clear orientation for the center. Not overnight, but very gradually I notice changes for the positive, which also remain.

After I completed the Isogai therapist training, I also started working with patients, with very good results.