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Dietrichsteiner Alexandra, Dipl Physiotherapist

Certified Isogai® Therapist

Fürstenallee 3/7
5020 Salzburg

Tel.: +43 66488232525
E-mail: alexandra0211@gmx.at

Isogai workshop in

Saturday, Nov. 11

from 13 to approx. 17 o'clock in
island house of the youth
Franz-Hinterholzer-Kai 8
5020 Salzburg
direction Sandra Sämmer
assistance Alexandra Dietrichsteiner

I have arrived!
Sandra is the best teacher for me and Isogai the body therapy to get to the point quickly and in depth !


Dipl Physiotherapist
Isogai Dynamics Therapy
Systemic and Integrative Movement Theory with Dr. Nurit Sommer
Talmi Advanced 1 and 2 with Prof. Martin Gruber
Spiraldynamik Basic and further education in Spiraldynamik
Myofascial Release
Triggerpoint Anatomy
Bodybliss Masterclass with Divo Müller
Retreats with Susan Harper Continuum Montage
Indian Balance Instructor
Undercurrents with Andrea Juhan and various advanced trainings at Open Floor incl Ground Lab in Prague
12 years White Crane Silat an Indonesian martial art with Flora Bardet
Acupuncture massage according to Radloff
Rhythmic dynamic joint treatment according to Luck