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Katrin Bernhardt
INTENSE Voice Healing &Singing

Dipl. singer and dipl. vocal pedagogue

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34132 Kassel


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22 - 24 Sept.

INTENSE Singing Masterclass and Isogai

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INTENSE Voice meets "Isogai®-Dynamic-Therapy".

As an integral vocal coach, founder of "INTENSE Voice Healing and Singing", certified singer, certified vocal pedagogue, energetic coach, coach for systemic trauma-sensitive kinesiology and "Isogai®-Dynamic-Therapy Practitioner", I always want to offer my clients the maximum holistic all-round care for themselves and their voice, so that they not only have a functioning voice, but a fulfilled, happy, healthy and successful life on all levels.

An essential pillar of my work is the teaching of a really functioning breath, voice and singing technique as an indispensable basis. The second pillar is consciousness work, inner work and trauma-sensitive systemic kinesiology, which starts in the subtle, on the psychological, emotional-energetic level and has a holistic healing effect in the physical.

The exact complement to this is the "Isogai®-Dynamic-Therapy". It starts with the physical body and works vice versa into the subtle.
It also has a co-regulating effect, stimulating the self-healing powers in all levels of the human system: bones, muscles, organs, central nervous system, meridians, psyche, breath, voice, emotions, mental power, soul. Traumas and blockages stored in the body are released and a completely new body consciousness can emerge.

For the voice, sound, speaking and singing, this means that the body, through the creation of its harmonious, symmetrical and balanced body statics, is often able for the first time ever to replace unhelpful patterns and processes in the voice, breath, articulation, movement and posture apparatus with healthy and useful patterns.
This makes it possible to experience breathing, speaking and singing with a completely new ease and to use the voice - like a now "perfectly tuned instrument" - with the greatest possible ease, efficiency and naturalness.

Where exactly does "Isogai®-Dynamic-Therapy" start?

The "Isogai®-Dynamic-Therapy" starts at our "center", in our base chakra, the pivot of our physical body, at our pelvis. There, where the "seat of the soul" (Os Sacrum) is located. Isogai therefore starts at the most condensed substance of our physique, the skeleton and bones themselves.

Using manual techniques, she gently brings our usually crooked and twisted hip joints back into their natural and healthy symmetry, thereby enabling harmonious movement sequences to now be possible due to the restored healthy body statics.

I know of no more effective, gentle and holistic body therapy than "Isogai®-Dynamic-Therapy".

It is easy for anyone to learn and, when used regularly by ourselves, enables us to take self-responsible self-care for our vocal health and potential development, as well as for healing on all levels."

Founder of "INTENSE Voice Healing and Singing
Dipl. Sängerin,
Dipl. Gesangspädagogin,
Energetic Coach,
Coach for systemic trauma sensitive kinesiology and