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Mittermeier Kai, alternative practitioner

Certified Isogai® Therapist

Practice for Holistic Body Therapy

Ligsalzstrasse 29
80339 Munich

0177 - 5490 238
E-mail: info@center-yourself.de

To the website of my practice: https://www.center-yourself.de/

Health means more to me than the absence of disease. A healthy body is in balance and thus relaxed, vital and resistant to disturbing influences.
After a busy day, I often do an Isogai® self-treatment and feel revitalized and refreshed afterwards. The regained balance relaxes body and mind. This change from tension and exhaustion to lightness and strength describes for me an essential process of healing.
I have been training Asian martial arts since childhood and have almost 15 years of experience in body therapies and natural healing. As a nurse in an intensive care unit, I know the methods and procedures of conventional medicine and am trained in working with people and observing the course of illness.
The effects of a physical imbalance on our health have so far received far too little attention from conventional medicine.
A person under tension uses up a lot of energy that could actually be available for self-healing or regeneration.
With Isogai Dynamic Therapy® we can not only treat numerous complaints causally. We can also take care of our health and promote our well-being.
In order to be able to combine my knowledge and experience from the fields of naturopathy, conventional medicine, martial arts and body therapy in the best possible way, I have been working as an alternative practitioner in my own practice since 2018.