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-Petersamer Alexandra

Certified Isogai® Practitioner

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Trained opera singer
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What is the significance of Isogai for singers?

If you consider that the human voice is an expression of the soul, you can very quickly understand the effects of freeing the soul on the voice.

Through Isogai, I became aware of the interaction of physical, psychological and spiritual bodies. Accepting this connection would also be very helpful for conventional medicine.

When the physical body is twisted and contorted, the psyche and soul cannot feel good at all.

Isogai in a very natural way opens the possibility for the body to develop from twists.

For singers, this explicitly means that the body can be used as an instrument in a completely different way due to its new awareness.

I was amazed when my voice became more and more my own voice. The true size, true strength and true personality could now unfold.

A Rossweisse became Brünhilde and Isolde. A cover existence became a singer personality.

A phenomenon? A miracle? I think it lies in the power of nature, self-discovery. Back to self healing.

To discover the wisdom inherent in everyone.

These are the best conditions to defy all the difficulties of life.

If you want to use singing not only for earning money, but for self-discovery, feel free to contact me.