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04177 Leipzig

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E-mail: philippe.orban62@gmail.com

Maître d'Aikido et de Kenjutsu( Escrime japonaise), 40 ans de pratique... .

1993 - 1996 : Enseignant d'Aikido à Vincennes et Paris 16.ième.
1996 - à nos jours : Enseignant d'Aikido à Leipzig.
He holds regular seminars in various European countries (Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Great Brittany, Norway, Poland, Ukraine...), but also occasionally in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore...


Use this crisis and limitation to refocus and redefine the essential values in life.
Stop priorities for a better life and respect everyone and everything ... a huge program!
My first reflection will be about health because it is the foundation in life and because it is a topic I particularly like! My desire is to share my experience and knowledge in this field!
Food tomorrow ...