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How I started with ISOGAI is a little " par hasard " and a lot " par amitié" and because it works insanely well ". I had a busy day, I had run many kilometers and I had a big pain in my knee joint. Because my orthopedist was on vacation and because I knew Sandra (we were in the same DoJo for AIKIDO) I made an appointment with her. It was like night and day after the treatment: the pain was gone!!! Almost unbelievable, just before the pain was still there!!!! And how!!! Then I went to Sandra again and again and got ISOGAI when I had SOMETHING again. Then I sent my friends to Sandra, always enthusiasm. Then I sent my mom-in-law with a broken hip, limping and crying (from pain) to Sandra,... she too is running like a rabbit again very fast.

I was excited and wanted to understand, to know more about ISOGAI, since I am a scientist after all... Then Sandra's book about Isogai came out. I got the first copy, after all, I was there in practice when the books arrived from the publisher!!!

But I wanted to know more, then I took part in an ISOGAI self-treatment seminar.

I told Sandra that if there was an opportunity to learn ISOGAI Dynamic Therapy I would be there.

The time has come, I have completed the training and am totally happy with it. I put my healthy friends on the Isogai Ceramic Pillow and the friends who are in pain, I send on to Sandra.

I am thrilled! 

Isabelle Kling