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Aikido since 1980, since 1996 Aikido teacher in his own dojo.

Hitsuzendowith Dokko-An Kokugyo Kuwahara since 2000.
Hitsuzendo teacher and Zen teacher since 2019.

Dipl.Soz.Päd. FH Munich (1980)

Isogai® in martial arts and sports

I got to know Isogai® already in 1989 during a longer training stay in Tokyo. Since then I have been practicing this method regularly and also use the therapeutic effects when needed. Through Isogai® I became aware of how important a balanced body structure is for Aikido training. Through regular Isogai® exercises I bring my body in line, so to speak. For someone who works with his body on a daily basis, this is elementarily important. (Who would want to participate in the Tour de France with a warped bicycle frame?). In addition to improving the effectiveness of movements, the Isogai® method strengthens the immune system and greatly reduces susceptibility to injury. Even for simple injuries, especially to the knees, the Isogai® squats have been invaluable to me. My aikido training has also been greatly influenced by Isogai®. Many joint injuries can be avoided by respecting the weight-bearing line.
Besides the physical aspect, the Isogai® method has an extraordinarily positive effect on mental stability. Due to the meditative character while lying on the stone, the head calms down.
In my opinion, everyone who is intensively physically active should practice the Isogai® method.
I am now 64 years old and practice intense aikido daily. I think that the Isogai® method has a significant part in this.